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Bar fines thread

Bar fines (

-- Posted by Paulo on 7:56 pm on Oct. 13, 2002

could sum1 please explain these bar fines for me i keep hearing about ,nice 1 cheerz

-- Posted by nokna on 8:22 pm on Oct. 13, 2002

the bar fine is payable when you wish to take the girl out of the bar.
the girls are there to bring custom to the bar and to get you to part with your money in the way of drinks,both for you and them.
when they leave the bar and go with you,they are no longer earning money for the bar and therefore the bar fine is a sort of compensation to the bar.

fines are generally 200 bt in bar beer and 500 bt in go-go.
but there are ways go getting the girl for no bar fine.

-- Posted by bandit on 8:41 pm on Oct. 13, 2002


I am happy that Nokna did a post on this subject, he is the the most experienced of all bros in this forum, we all look up to him. Nothing much to add off course on what he says.

In LOS you will have to pay the bar in case the BG is working there, later of course the BG herself, as well. This differs from some countries as for example the Phils. where the BG's pay is included in the barfine.

While surfing on the genuine mainpage of this forum you will find most answers to your questions. I hope the two links will give you an idea about the pricing in BKK.

We are all happy to make posts in this forum. I know this particular one would have been reserved to the master, DK himself, but I could not resist...

-- Posted by darknight on 11:09 pm on Oct. 13, 2002

Here is the other URL :

Pricing samples

Bar fines

General Tips

-- Posted by JIMMY D on 11:54 pm on Oct. 13, 2002

You say nokna is the most experienced in this forum?
He visits the country maybe a couple of weeks a year?
Yea thats real experience.
Look out for posts by Thaiprivateye,chataujade or mr joe,long time expats are the ones to trust.  

-- Posted by chateaujade on 1:23 am on Oct. 14, 2002

Of course, there are also places where the girl has no formal relationship with the establishment, hence no bar fine is involved: examples such as Beer Bar Soi 7, or Thermae, or Grace, or Nana coffee shops. Caution: wrong way to save a few hundred baht. Although each of these places have their admirers.

And there are places where both the "bar fine" and the girl's fee are built in up front, such as Annie's MP if you take the girl out.

And there are freelancers, streeywalkers, girls hanging around outside Lumpini Park, etc etc etc, no bar fines. Caveat emptor.

It sometimes is true that one can evade a barfine by waiting till closing time, however, this is generally considered declasse' by the girls, a sign of a cheap charlie, and is certainly a good way to piss off a mamasan if you are spotted, and you ought to be making the mamasans your bosom buddies, as this will make your life a lot easier. Schmooze thye mamasans, buy them drinks, they can and will point you at the girls who will handle special requests, and steer you away from troublesome girls (there are such), if they like you. Mamasans should not be seen as adversaries, or treated with disrespect.

-- Posted by nokna on 5:15 am on Oct. 14, 2002

i never class myself as the experienced one.
in one of my first posts i think i said this.

i have no problem with JIMMY D's post about me.
after all he was correct,many more qualified people out there then me.

we can only post our knowledge.
while i may only have been to thailand 5 times,i picked up the scene whilst on my 2nd trip and learnt everyday.

any info which helps a newbie is good info if it helps them.

anyway paulo,hope you understand the routine now.

-- Posted by bandit on 10:30 am on Oct. 14, 2002

Jimmy D,

I got your point - no worries - and it is as you say, still I wish to add this. When I stated experienced, I thought of the posts and did not mean to abuse anybody.

I am happy that Nokna is around, he is of great value to this forum as are the other bros around. He cares a lot and for my as an NB in this forum he is easy to speak to.

-- Posted by pinga on 10:55 am on Oct. 14, 2002

Coming back to main topic....

I may add that sometimes many of the waitresses also can go out at the B-bars and GG-bars. The bf for them is slightly more expensive....let say...if the bf is B/.500 for the dancers, a waitress can go out with you for B/.600. The fees for an ST/LT depends upon a personal agreement....Actually, they ask for the same fee....nothing special. Just be careful and take one with good attitude....

and yep! as NOKNA said the bf is the amount of money that the Bar gets as compensation when a TG is out with a customer....and not the price for sex.

So many cuties try to finish with the customer very quick as they want to run back to the GG-bar for a very possible next bang....that's why it is adviseable to take them around 23:00....after your ST there is little choice for them to go back to the bar as this will be closed. However, if the TG really needs money, likes you or the place you stay and the attitude you had, she can offer you a LT at no cost or maybe at a reasonable price. Few of these B-girls go for freelancing afterwards....Ah!! and yes, once back to the GG-bar, these cuties will let the bar get another bf if any customer is interesting in a ST/LT.....If a TG is bf and goes back to the bar she is not required to dance anymore. However, they will hang around full dressed up or sexy looking in the prowl of another customer.....

-- Posted by sharkindude on 2:11 am on Oct. 15, 2002

I am a newbie so please forgive my ignorance when it comes to Bangkok.

I understand that I will have to pay a bar fine of 500 or 600bt to take a girl out of the bar. How much on top should I be looking at for short and long time experiences?

-- Posted by nokna on 5:14 am on Oct. 15, 2002

that's a more difficult.
different girls will ask for different rates.
i know i pay too much,but in general whilst in phuet i will pay 500 S/T-1000 L/T for a bar beer girl and double for go-go girl.

some will ask for a lot more,don't pay anymore then this.
just remember there are many girls to choose from and if you feel the price is too much,then move on.

-- Posted by pinga on 1:32 pm on Oct. 15, 2002

Yeah, this is difficult to answer....the range is quite big. Several brothers pay and tip on different amounts for their cuties. Basicaly, you have to agree with your TG BEFOREHANDS on the price for the "services".

I think it's better to arrange the details of the service/price with the mamasan/papasan beforehands. Tell him/her what you require the TG to do e.g. oral, HJ, BBBJ, anal, etc. and he/she will translate the requirement to the TG. Once the TG agrees, you can "negotiate" the price, if required, fix the details, pay your bills and go for your bang.

Hmmmm At free-lancing bars you may find ST for B/.500 and LT for 1-2.5K (all prices are negotiable). At the GG-bars 1-1,5K ST seems to be a norm. LT varies from 2-3K. Again, all prices are negotiable. For instance, I got a regular at RAWHIDE (Soi Cowboy). She always call me to go home for 1K LT....I tip her B/.500 for "taxi" sometimes....Some others are freebies, but that's another story....

At MPs everything is fixed. Pay up-front and bang. A "take away" menue at these MPs will be a costly approach....ENJOY!!!!


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